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francos-neighborhood said: What are your opinions on the fact that there is a youtube video with the 911 call that Joaquin made on the night that River died? I personally think that it should be taken down. I am ashamed for even clicking on it.


Don’t be ashamed because it’s human curiosity and, in the case of fans, trying to know every piece of the “River puzzle” we can get, even those ones that can hurt us (or even for an impossible hope of seeing if not real, if still alive…).

I didn’t click myself by searching but I listened to it in one of the documentaries, and also in a fanvid that started really well and then suddenly that moment and I was WTF? (I didn’t expected that there). It was very sad for me, too real, too close. It’s almost impossible not finding it when searching other things (like the casket pic).

That will be in the case of fans like us or normal people, however I think it’s  different in the case of the person or people who released it they made public a private phone call in a very horrible moment of the Phoenixes lives (probably their worst one). It’s not a case of showing a stress situation that finally ends great, it’s very sad, I think it shouldn’t have been released both for being a private thing and of that nature, it’s exposing them and not just then but again and again. I feel very bad for Joaquin and Rain, also the rest of family members but especially them. I think media should show just the sides celebs agree to show or at least the good ones, not their saddest episodes because it’s transforming their pain into public circus. (BTW I don’t know who was the real responsible of that being leaked, but I’m sure they wouldn’t like the same thing done with their private things and lives).

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fun prank: wake up during open heart surgery and sing don’t go breakin’ my heart to the surgeon

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